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The Poems of Sea Wizard

My poetry expresses my inner solar system.

I feel that in every situation, within scenes of pleasure or extreme difficulties my muse is always available to calm and heal my sorrow and to brighten and refine all happiness! My muses are my soul crew, my guides.

These creative forces give me the words to express my inner visions and eyes to contemplate every situation. I understand from them the hidden meanings of the life scripts we are given, the good, the wicked and the unknown.

I share my visions, my soul crew, my guides with you through my poetry...



Soul Crew

My soul crew is the best
they were put to the hardest of tests,
they were on a quest for love,
yet lonely and left without a clue...
not from me not from you...

They all rest in peace in heaven above
for they have given me their trust
to live on in their name.
They soon will know there was never any shame.
God bless them and I will be with them soon
As we see the passing of many a moon.

I have been the one made to last.
I know it is for love our nets we all cast.
Why has this life taken my soul crew from me?
Why am I the one to set them all free?

There is something I am meant to learn from this life.
In knowing life is much more than suffering and strife.
My soul crew can learn with me from the other side
something I will never be able to hide.

Could it be love?
We all wanted love,
but we knew not where to look.
Yet it is always there open like a magical book.
I keep searching for love in my soul crew's name.
I know they are counting on me to show them love's fame.

The drugs the pain we all fell down on this long hard road,
without love it was just to much of a load.
I keep searching and searching for the love we all desired,
the love we all so much required.

I will not fail you,
I will find the love you all wanted
and bring it home to you when I join you
on the other side of this life
away from this daily strife.

I am your brother, your soul crew, your savior.
I never give up!!
See me hit bottom, yet I jump up again.
See me hit bottom again and again
yet I will not fail to bring home the love
you wanted so badly in this life,
so badly that it took you to a sharp edged knife.
The pain you felt I know so well,
this ugly pain we fell under its spell.
The loneliness that possessed your soul
I deeply understand this isolated land,
so I am the one to give you my helping hand.

This is why I search for love
for you my soul crew, my soul mates,
yes you all await my gift.
I will not let you down.
I will not come to you empty handed,
I will learn about love
so our souls journey will not have been in vain,
not only pain.

I will embrace love someday for us all.
I shall find love that resides high above
soaring in heaven on the wings of a dove.

I will never give up
for I journey in the name of many saddened souls,
I take with me their very own goals.

They will triumph in my discovery of love...
Could it truly be that when we search for love
we are like fish searching for water
only to find we live within her body.

We are sitting in the lap of the divine mother
without our knowing? ...
By the grace of God
in the name of love
shall my soul crew be set free...
You shall all see...

I shall be their hero for all time
showing them that love can be mine...
I will never give up...
For I come in their name...
I will never give up....
Till I bring them home love...
Bringing home love...
bringing home love...
bringing home love...
Oh let me bring home love

Copyright © 2005 The Sea Wizard

Grandfather Tree

Brother Wind ruffles through Grandfather's family tree
Mysterious Grandfather who sets us all free

Wise owl peers in to see who...
who is wandering in his deep valley of trust.
Within Medicine Wolf's litter den,
all is blessed all is just.
Yogi Bear is there, Coco is his name...
A bear who is magic, A bear who is tame,
A bear who teaches us to live without shame.

See Princess of light
always bathed in white...
Golden honey she shares
without a thought or any old cares.
Oh gentle South wind blow
for you are the only one to know
A man has died and he knew many a woe
for his soul had lost sight of the almightly KNOW.

See the Healing Redwood House on the mountain's height
Our Father Mother God bringing in her holy sight.
Medicine woman strong and bold
Her heavenly hands began to knead and fold
As an artist she creates a medicine wolf mold.

Reborn as MEDICINE WOLF...
Healer of the mind.
One who will always remain STRONG AND KIND
Creatures are blessed with Medicine Woman's sight
because she holds the White Magic Light.

Medicine Woman,
her White Wolf (Dena) howls a mysterious song
Medicine wolf you will NOT go wrong.
She sings, she sings and away flies my sting

Sister moon our divine daughter
Bless us with they holy water
till we are one... till we are one...
till our deeds have returned to the son
returned to the Sun of God,
the light of God,
the Sun, the Son, the Sun...

The light, the light, the light...
Came to me in my darkest of night
All God's creatures dance
in the Medicine Circle in the Sun...

Within the righteousness of love..
Family of heaven HIGH above...
Of LOVE... above... Of LOVE

Copyright © 2005 The Sea Wizard


Caned Fun

When you see the children at play
take a moment and fill your soul with their pure joy..
They are the mystical instrument with a thousand strings
and they each are tuned by the creator's hand to the key of love....

love is the only way to tune 1,000 strings...
children smile see your smile in theirs..
they find joy in every moment,,
be crazy, be free like a child...
don't be burdened with the cares of this world,

so remember there is no other way
to tune your complex, thousand-faced intrument.
Tune your thousand strings to love..
then all is in tune all is in love.....
your life will become a musical masterpiece of childlike joy.

Fun and Fun and more Caned Fun!!!

Copyright © 2005 The Sea Wizard

Jody My Love

     Jody my lady of love really knows how to move me.
She has a gentle heart that chases away my blues..
oh the pain we suffered together
has bound our hearts to the love of God.
Our beloved God the creator of all,
who makes us laugh and humbles our soul.
Jody as free as the wind,
her song sings to me
in the soft breeze of sorrows and delights.

If you see Jody please give her the key to my heart,
if you see Jody please tell her I did not mean to part.
Jody showed me the power of love,
Jody showed me the lessons to learn..

Her fragrance is the beating of my hearts flowering path.
The power of our love still warms my soul,
her soul is entwined to the roots of my destiny.
Her tapestry of colorful beauty
reminds me that God is forever near.

The creator of the universe who keeps the stars hanging to light our way
knows one day we shall once again be as one..
together we shall sing in the heavenly choir of holy delight.

Blessed be Jody, my lady of heavenly charm.

Copyright © 2005 The Sea Wizard


A special dedication

My memory flutters often to Miss Polet (flower child), a world affairs teacher at Tinley Park Illionios High School in l969. I want to give my loving thanks for her talent and her open heart. She taught me love of poetry and shared her understanding of the international language of lyrical speech and fine arts.........

Bali Trip

Music used with permission from
"Good Medicine" CD by John Two-Hawks


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